Prenatal checkup

We offer our prenatal checkup service for pregnant women after their first trimester of pregnancy.

Painless Delivery

We help you take control so you can hit the ground running after your little one comes.

Family Planning

Our specialists provide a wide range of discreet contraceptive options and advice on sexual health, female genital mutilation

Infertility Treatment

Sudharm Hospital take a deep interest in Infertility treatment and we help couples to get over this big problem with great success.

Gynecological Diagnosis

Sudharm hospital providing all gynecological treatment. Our aim is to provide high quality service in very cost effective manner with precision

Postmenopausal Problems

Sudharm hospital providing is a proactive approach to health encouraging women to have a positive attitude for a healthy life, feeling and looking great

Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells in the uterus grow out of control. It is a common type of female cancer that occurs in women during their childbearing years.


Sudharm Hospital had well qualified and experienced Laparoscopic Surgery Team


WE are provide you hysteroscopy procedure been performed with such ease or accuracy