General Medicine



Sudharm Hospital is the leading private, multi-speciality non-invasive cardiology unit.Perfect for patients seeking treatment.


The Neurology Department of Sudharm Hospital provides diagnosis and treatment of a large number of neurological disorders.


We treat and support people with kidney and urological conditions through prevention, education, and state-of-the-art medical care.


The department of Endocrinology at Sudharm Hospital offers a comprehensive range of treatment options for patients with disorders related to hormonal imbalance like Diebetic,Thyroid and other dieseas.


We offering a wide spectrum of expert care to treat all diseases related to gastroenterology, liver and pancreatic disorders.


Haematology is a speciality which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and care of people who are ill with blood disorders like Anemia and So on.

Infectious Diseases

Sudharm Hospital have all Infectious department like TB,Dengue,Maleria,Thyphoid and etc..